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Yahweh's Family
Gathering Center

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
Hosea 4:6

     Greetings! In the name of Yahshua Messiah - Jesus. This site is dedicated to Him and all who are in search for Truth, by which we may glorify our Heavenly Father - Yahweh.

     Every day people are honestly striving and searching for Spiritual truths. The inward nature of man is striving to know the Truth. However, he cannot know the TRUTH unless he also knows of the LIE being imparted. For those of you who are serious about serving our Heavenly Father Yahweh in Spirit and Truth, it is our hope that you will stay awhile and visit the many pages within. We believe that you'll begin learning Bible Truths not often, if ever, revealed to the everyday Christian through the leaders of the many congregations. Here, both the Believer and the Non-Believer will find something of interest to feed on.

     These following pages represent almost 30 years of a personal on going search for truth. Because none of us have all the truth or know all the truth, the information contained within is what I believe to be true at this point in time from studies of the Scriptures and many other sources. Therefore, I am always open minded to those who may disagree. Whether one agrees or disagrees, all of your comments are welcome.

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