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My wife Dora and I

      This is a brief introduction of myself, Iíll go into more detail in my testimony section. I was born before World War Two in a small potato farming town in Maine just five minutes from the Canadian border. Shortly before I was born, my father left my mother, therefore I never got to know him. Then my mother moved to Connecticut soon after I was born to find a job, because there were not many jobs around there. During those early years I lived with an aunt and uncle. While my mother was in Connecticut she met some one and remarried. When I was about six years old they came to take me back to Connecticut, and have lived here ever since. I have one half-brother, three years younger than I.

      Unfortunately I was brought up in a non-Christian family. Although I did receive some religious teachings during childhood years, it was not until I was thirty-three that I became a Christian, and I might add, under some unusual circumstances as you will read in my testimony section. In 1962 I married my wife Dora, pictured above. In the next nine years we had seven children, and they have added eleven grandchildren to our family tree so far. They all live close bye, so we get to see each other a lot which is good.

      For more than twenty-five years now, I have been learning what a Christian is all about and how we should treat others in a loving manner. This can be quite difficult at times to do, or comes easy, as many of you may already know. As I began to study the Bible more for myself, I was led into doing a two-hour Sunday Morning radio program, which now has led to doing a Web-site toward helping others follow in the plan of Salvation and toward learning truths not likely to be revealed to most people. As you continue to search out this site, remember, you donít have to agree with what you read, but you most certainly will find some interesting information about the Bible. Why the world and the people that are in it, act like they do. Youíll learn how to become an overcomer in your own life and in every thing that you do. With a lot of hard work of course. Our Heavenly Father never promised it would be easy, but He did say that we all could be victorious in this life if we would follow in all His Commandments, Laws, and Statues.

      I pray that your journey throughtout this site will be a marvelous blessing. Also, make sure that you come back often, because we are still under construction and will be adding continuosly and with many other site links you can visit. I thank you for your most precious time in viewing these pages.


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